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Lt. Col. Donald Sullivan on the Sonny Thomas show tonight.

On the Sonny Thomas Show @ 9:00 PM, 2.27.14 – Lt. Col. Donald Sullivan – Army/Air Force (Ret)

At the present, I have five completely different personal government wars going on, and each of them is eating at my soul, the very worst of which is the IRS war.

I was born in NC, left after college to go into the Army, and returned 26 years later a Lt. Col., retired from the Army and Air force, and a man totally fed up with neighbors and government. It was my intent to become more or less a recluse and not bother anyone, especially the government. I still have my first wife of 48 years, and we have three children and 13 grandchildren, all close by here in NC. The grandchildren are all homeschooled, because that’s the way their parents want it and because I told them I would rather the children have no education than a public education. I also told my children I would cut them out of the will if they allowed my grandchildren to go to public school.

I currently have at least five battles against the enemy in my war with all levels and branches of government on subjects including, but not limited to: Income tax; property tax; right to bear arms times 2; right to property ownership; and jury nullification – oaths of jurors. The IRS thinks I owe them ten million dollars whereas I believe I owe them nothing. After having been on the defensive for two years, I have recently taken the offense. I don’t accept my military pension, social security, or any other benefit or privilege from the government; as I am of the opinion that doing so grants jurisdiction over me. I have offered to settle with the IRS on the condition that they accept my pensions as payment. I think having the government pay the IRS is poetic justice.

I haven’t paid property tax in three years because all my land was purchased and recorded on bills of sale denoting private property not subject to tax. The state may only tax that which it owns or creates and that for which taxation has been consented to by the owner. I ask the state to tell me who owns my land: If it’s me, then leave me alone; If it’s the state, then the state can cut its own grass.

I am currently on the third filing of a charge for carrying a concealed weapon off my premises (in my vehicle) when the weapon was clearly visible on my hip. The officer who charged me is currently under investigation for criminal perjury for lying under oath during his testimony in my trial, which trial resulted in the second dismissal of the charge. I have been charged a third time for the same charge. It was during the stop for this charge that three troopers lowered their weapons on my head and accused me of being a “sovereign” merely because the leader remembered me from six years ago when I was traveling as a matter of right.

I have demanded the order be vacated in my 2009 trial on charges of carrying a loaded sidearm into a court house because the jury was improperly sworn. That situation is common in all fifty states, but in NC I was able to get a law passed last June 15th which clarifies the existing statute which already required juries to be sworn to the Consitution, which also has the same requirement. The presiding judge, who refused to recuse himself, denied my demand, so I have appealed. There is no end to it.

“They say I’m crazy, but it takes all my time.”

“The point of a gun was the only law Liberty understood.”

Donald Sullivan

— with Lisa Brumfiel and Austin Thomas.