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Major Swedish media outlet falsely depicts perps as white in Muslim on Black hate crime attack

The Local, is a major English language Swedish news site. The website just published an article on anti-black hate crimes in Sweden. It is titled “Afrophobic hate crimes on the rise in Sweden.”

The centerpiece of the article is about an African immigrant with his children being attacked at random while crossing a bridge. The reader is intentionally led to believe that the attackers were white Swedes. Fortunately this attack was previously covered on this website. So we know what really happened. This was not a Swede on African hate crime. This was a gang of Muslim immigrants, probably Arab, attacking an African immigrant.

The Local is perpetrating a hoax. This is what we call “Stage Three Censorship” of non-white crime. We see this most often in the extreme left-wing Scandinavian news. It is aggressively insinuating that a non-white crime perpetrator was white.

In fact, the people who came to the African man’s rescue were probably white Swedes.

From The Local…

Afrophobia, defined as hostility towards people with a background from sub-Saharan Africa, is soaring in Sweden, according to the researchers who compiled the government-commissioned report. They wrote on Monday in the opinion pages of the Dagens Nyheter newspaper (DN) that it was time society took these statistics seriously.

Between 2008 and 2012, the number of reported hate crimes against Afro-Swedes, defined as anyone with African heritage living in Sweden, rose by 24 percent, while hate crimes in general during the same period decreased by six percent. Between 2011 and 2012 alone, the number of Afrophobic hate crimes rose by 17 percent, the researchers explained.

A prominent and recent example includes that of a 32-year-old Ghanian man who was attacked with his toddler son on a bridge in Malmö. The unprovoked incident was labelled a hate crime because the attackers used racial slurs as they dangled the man over the bridge.

Shame on The Local for perpetrating this hoax!