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SPLC: One person can be multiple hate groups

A while back the SPLC publicly admitted that at it took to get listed as a “hate group” was one anonymous internet post. A police department in Connecticut called “BS” and the SPLC claim that a “Ku Klux Klan Chapter” existed in their town. They demanded that the SPLC provide evidence. The SPLC was forced to confess that the entire claim was based on a single anonymous internet post. They had no actual evidence that a single member of any group was actually living in the city.

Around the same time, the SPLC falsely reported that the CofCC was forming an alliance with a “skinhead” group. Once again, their entire claim was based on an anonymous internet post. The SPLC is desperate to claim that skinheads still exist. They list one skinhead group as an active “hate group” in South Carolina. A recent article on their own website says the group has two members in South Carolina and both are in prison!

This webmaster was once listed as four different hate groups at the same time, two sets of two of the exact same thing.

Currently, Ohio CofCC leader Sonny Thomas is listed as three hate groups. His Ohio CofCC chapter is double listed and his own personal blog is listed as a “hate group.”

From FrontPageMag…

And they do. The SPLC took in over $38 million in 2011; the previous year, its CEO Richard Cohen earned $351,648, and its notorious Chief Trial Counsel, Morris Dees, pulled in a cool $346,919. All that to keep you safe from the likes of…me. The SPLC lists my website Jihad Watch ( as a hate group, along with the American Freedom Defense Initiative, of which I am vice president, and its Stop Islamization of America program. My colleague Pamela Geller founded AFDI/SIOA; the SPLC also lists her website Atlas Shrugs (, along with our international umbrella group Stop Islamization of Nations, as hate groups — so Pamela Geller and I are both four hate groups, and between us are responsible for five hate groups. Two people. We are also both the subject of lavish and arguably libelous profiles as “hate group leaders.” The brilliant FrontPage writer Daniel Greenfield’s blog Sultan Knish ( is listed as another hate group. That’s six hate groups, three people. “Leaner and meaner,” indeed!

This demonstrates how risible the SPLC’s claim that there are 939 hate groups currently operating in the U.S. The very label “hate group” conjures up images of KKK members in robes, their venal and stupid faces illumined by the flame of a burning cross – not columnists, commentators, and human rights activists dedicated to defending the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and the principle of the equality of rights of all people before the law.