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Three more thugs arrested for racially motivated mob attacks in Warner Robbins, GA

If the races had been reversed, this would be a major national news story. There is absolutely no doubt that national media would be in a frenzy right now.

About thirty black teenagers, in Warner Robins, Georgia, celebrated a snow day by rioting and committing racially motivated hate crime mob attack.

Five white adults were brutally attacked by the mob. One of the victims was a woman who had an infant baby with her. The thugs posted the this photo (right) on the internet to gloat about the attacks. The thugs screamed racial slurs during the assaults.

The total number of arrests has increased to five. Since the perps are all juveniles, there will be very little repercussions for their actions.

From Macon Telegraph…

Three more teens were arrested Friday for their alleged involvement in an attack at Warner Robins High School last week when the school was closed for snow.

D’Angelo Montell Roquemore, 17, of Warner Robins, has been charged with aggravated assault in the Jan. 29 brawl, according to a police news release.

In addition, a 15-year-old boy from Warner Robins and a 14-year-old boy from Warner Robins were each charged with aggravated assault, the release states. Police did not release the boys’ names because they are juveniles.

Two teens already were arrested in the incident, bringing the total number of arrests to five.

Shymalik Raekwon Mitchell, 17, of Warner Robins, was arrested Wednesday and charged with aggravated assault, and Terrell Antonio Boyd, 17, also of Warner Robins, was charged with battery.

Roquemore, Mitchell and Boyd have been released on bond, according to the Houston County jail website. As of 5 p.m. Friday, the juveniles had not been released, said Tabitha Clark, police spokeswoman.