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Thug steals car with five year old in the back seat, just to drive six miles

Remember the story about the black male who carjacked a priest in Philadelphia? He carjacked the priest at gunpoint right in front a church. The priest was unloading food for the charity soup kitchen. The thug then drove a few blocks, parked, and proceeded to play basketball with his fellow thugs. Police spotted the car immediately and simply waited for the thugs to walk back to the stolen car.

We though that was bad!

In Park Ridge, IL a black male jumped into a running car with five year old in the back seat. He abducted the five year old, just to drive for six miles. The abandoned car was found two hours later with the five year old inside.

In large majority black urban areas, auto theft is so common the police take the report over the phone. They do not even send an officer out to the scene. Huge numbers of cars are stolen, simple to be driven a few miles and abandoned.