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Al Sharpton rally gives unrepentant election fraudster a standing ovation

Remember Melowese Richardson, the black woman who voted for Obama five times in the same election? She pleaded no contest to four counts of election fraud. A pro-Democrat judge protected her from prison. He suspended her prison sentence and released her unpunished.

In fact, there is evidence of massive voter fraud for Obama in majority black urban areas.

Now Al Sharpton, who opposes efforts to crack down on voter fraud as “racist,” embraced the woman on stage at a rally in Cleveland. The rally was to oppose anti-fraud voter id laws. The woman who voted for Obama five times was given a standing ovation and embraced by Sharpton on stage. Al Sharpton and the audience were literally gloating that it is so easy for blacks to commit voter fraud with impunity.

Look at the giant smiles in this photograph.

The rally occurred on March 24th and was put on by Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. The rally was held to support a bill by the Ohio Black Caucus to ban voter id laws that would make voter fraud more difficult. It was an anti-anti-voter fraud rally. Or as some would say, a “pro-voter fraud” rally.