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College basketball game explodes into violence

From UK Mail Online…

A wild on-court brawl was triggered after a losing New Mexico State player threw the ball at Utah Valley team member, who also happened to be the son of the coach.

K.C. Ross-Miller made the attack on Holton Hunsaker seconds after the Wolverines’ 66-61 overtime victory over the Aggies, triggering a wild brawl that involved both fans and players on Thursday night.

Ross-Miller picked up the ball at midcourt and fired it at Hunsaker — the son of Utah Valley coach Dick Hunsaker — from close range, hitting him in the leg.

New Mexico State’s D.K. Eldridge was in the middle of the scrum before he was dragged away by Aggies coaches as order was restored.

New Mexico State’s K.C. Ross-Miller hurls the ball at the opposing team’s coach’s son after losing the game.