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Crowdsourcing script for new video

At this weekends CofCC Celt Fest, CofCC members will be filming their own version of the now famous video made by France’s Generation Indentitaire. We are looking for feedback on the script before we shoot the video.

Declaration of Self-determination

(Script inspired by Ramz Paul and Generation Identitaire.)

We are Americans of European Descent…

We are the primary victims of racially motivated violence including nation wide mob attacks,

and the media shamelessly censors these crimes.

We are the ones who have been bused out of our communities to dangerous integrated schools,

and seen academic standards reduced in the name of achieving racial parity.

We are the ones who face institutionalized racial discrimination in higher education and the job market,

and yet we are supposed to apologize for our supposed “white privilege.”

We are the generation who have witnessed the damning of Western Civilization and our people,

by the media, Hollywood, schools, universities, and government institutions.

We are the ones who pay most of the taxes,

while another group collects benefits at six times our rate.

Our government gives immigrants special privileges and advantages,

that marginalize native born Americans in the job market and business world.

We reject the politically correct lies you have placed in our children’s history books,

and we will not celebrate your notion of diversity.

We are sick of the elitist hypocrites who proclaim their love for diversity,

while they hide from it in gated communities and extravagant private schools.

We are a people who are proud of our past and culture,

and we will not be made compliant through guilt or accusations of “racism.”

Multiculturalism has left this country bankrupt,

both spirituality and economically.

We are heirs to our own future,

and we have a right to self-determination.

We reject political correctness,

and the notion that all cultures are equal.

We do not look to government or institutions,

but to God and our ancestors for guidance.

We are Americans of European descent,

and we are proud of our identity and pledge to uphold Western Civilization.