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Dayton police chief orders hate crime investigation into brutal lynching of bus driver

“shoot a polar bear”

Here is a story that really highlights the mass hypocrisy of the “mainstream media.” Remember the Dayton bus driver who was saved by a bible in his chest pocket? He was attacked at random by three black males. He was beaten, stabbed, and then shot multiple times. Two bullets, aimed at his chest, were stopped by a bible in his chest pocket.

If the races had been reversed, this would have been the biggest news story in the entire United States. Every single headline would have screamed racially motivated hate crime. The media coverage would have continued for months. For years, the media would reminiscence on the attack.

Instead it was a small blip in the local news. The race of the perps was completely censored.

We know know that police released information to the media on February 25th that it was a racially motivated hate crime! Police told media outlets that the perps were black and that one shouted “shoot the polar bear.” This was reported in the New York Daily News, but completely censored by the Dayton media!

Now the local news affiliates have been forced to admit that the perps were black because the Dayton police chief has called in the FBI and asked for a hate crime investigation.

Most likely the Eric Holder run FBI will never do anything. It did force the media’s hands. They never would have reported the race of the perpetrators otherwise.

This news segment was published AFTER police had already released information to the media that it was a racially motivated hate crime. Yet Channel 2 completely censors the race of the dangerous at large suspect.