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Famous violent KKK leader behind freedom bus attack was represented by Morris Dees

The SPLC has repeatedly attacked an Atlanta based attorney as a “former laywer for the KKK.” This attorney once represented a client in a civil suit who happened to be a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Morris Dees, the founder of the SPLC once represented a KKK leader who was charged with organizing a now famous violent attack.

However, Dees quickly realized the real money was in fighting the Klan.

He then re-branded himself as a “civil rights leader” and went on to make millions. He has sued multiple broke Klan groups with little to no assets. These groups put up little to no fight. He gets judgments in which little to nothing is ever collected. Then he sends out fundraising letters bragging about multi-million dollar judgments, but never mentions how little if anything was ever collected. He has made millions of dollars off of the fundraising letters from these meaningless lawsuits against tiny Klan groups.