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Far-left says white belly dancers are racist

Randa Jarrar, a major far-left website, has declared that white women who engage in belly dancing are “racist.” The website called for white belly dancers to cease belly dancing, even if they have been doing it for fifteen years! Slate claimed these white women are stealing the culture of “brown people.” Of course this is the same breed of leftists that will say it is racist for white people to object to the depiction of a German god as a black man.

The white hating article was written by overweight Palestinian leftist Randa Jarrar. She is surprisingly fair-skinned for someone who claims “white people” are stealing her culture. Jarrar compares white belly dancers to drag queens. She also complains that white belly dancers are “too skinny.” She probably thinks this because she is obese.

Note: Belly dancing has actually been performed in Europe since the Roman Empire, and most Arab societies today don’t even allow women to expose their mid-section. However the purpose of Jarrar’s article is not to be accurate, but to promote hatred against white people.

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