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Georgia police/courts tricking motorists into not going to court, then slamming them with huge fees

Warning. If you are pulled over in Georgia and accuses of speeding by more that 15 mph, the cop will play stupid and pretend he doesn’t know how much the ticket with be. The cops know how much the ticket is, but are instructed to lie. You are told to go to a website called

When you go to the website, the fine amount appears reasonable. So many people, especially those from out of state, waive their right to contest the citation and mail in the fine. Then three months goes by. A second fine arrives in the mail for $200. It is accompanied by a note informing you that you already waived your right to contest it and must pay or loose your license.

This is a sinister scam being perpetrated on the public by so-called public servants in Georgia. You are intentionally lied to about the amount of the citation by the officer and the court, so you will not show up and contest it.

Since most cops in Georgia are given quotas and/or incentives to issue a minimum number of citations, this encourages cops to give out frivolous citations. The fake ticket dollar amount scam predates on the innocent motorists who have been falsely accused.

The state of Georgia doesn’t want the falsely accused to come to court and possibly have their citation thrown out, or the dollar amount reduced. So they are lying to the accused people to discourage them from showing up.