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Hate crime victim killed in 2008, voted Democrat in 2010

In 2008 a woman from Germany moved to Detroit. Within months, she was murdered and stuffed in car in the garage. The Detroit police couldn’t find the body even though it was still in the house. The body was finally discovered, on March 5th, 2014, by the bank that took possession of the house earlier this year.

Guess what? She voted Democrat in 2010. Records show she voted in theĀ 2010 gubernatorial election between Republican Rick Snyder and Democrat Virg Bernero.

Cheating is most common in urban black communities. Poll workers simply vote for extra people on the rolls after voting closes. This is why, all over America, the last votes to be turned in are from urban black districts. Even though urban districts usually don’t have to drive the votes as far.

This is also why groups like ACORN historically submit fake voter registrations in urban majority black precincts. ACORN knew that all they had to do was get more names on the rolls and poll workers would do the rest.

It is not uncommon for the last 1% of precincts to change an election. Often the last 1% of precincts turned in are from 90%+ black precincts that just happened to have record turnout. During the last presidential election, there were precincts with unusually high voter turnout where 100% of votes cast were for Obama.