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How this website compares to others in US traffic

Alex is the leader in estimating internet traffic. Each day it publishes a running three month average score for every website in the world.

The current US score for this website on March 12th, 2014 is 6,491. This means that Alexa ranks it as the 6,491th most popular website in the US during the last three months.

The ADL, which has an annual budget of over $30 million and has actively tried to censor this website, has a score of 40,747. This means, our website received somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-40 times as much traffic as the ADL did over the past three months. Even though our annual budget is less than 1% of the ADL’s annual budget. The Council of Conservative Citizens once filed a Federal lawsuit to keep ADL censorship software out of public libraries.

The Charleston Post & Courier is the second largest newspaper in the state of South Carolina. Two years ago they published a picture of one of our members on the top half of the front page on a Sunday. Above the picture was a fake quote to make it look like the member was endorsing slavery. A reporter at the paper was infuriated because an article written by the member for defending George Zimmerman set a new record for the websites political section and was viewed by over a half million people. The left-wing author of the attack piece had never come close to reaching as many people even though he writes for a living.

CofCC – 6,491

Columbia State – Largest newspaper in South Carolina – 6,822

Charleston Post & Courier – 7,419

SPLC – 13,871

ADL – 40,747