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Latino women brutally attack random white teenage girl in racial hate crime, media censors

This attack was reported on a minor blog about Corona. We could not find a mention of it in any media outlet. If the races were reversed, it would have been a national news story.

A 16 year old beautiful white teenage girl was walking home from school in Corona, California. She was attacked from behind at random by Latinos. She was beaten unconscious and has fractures on her face. The lead attacker is described as an adult 5’10” obese Hispanic woman.

From LifeInCorona…

Faith Edwards, a student at Lee V. Pollard High School, was walking through Santana Park between 1:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. Thursday afternoon when she was attacked from behind by a group of unknown girls.

During the assault, the girls held Faith’s arms and head and began violently beating her before realizing the girl they were attacking was not their intended target. According to the victim’s mom, Krista Edwards, one of the girls yelled out, “That’s not her, that’s not her!” before the beating subsided. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done.

As a result of the attack, Faith suffered a broken nose with multiple fractures, which will require corrective surgery. In addition to the fractures she suffered a concussion, scalp swelling, a gash on her face requiring stitches, a perforated ear drum and suffered significant swelling and bruising to her face and body.

Due to the nature of the attack, the victim has had a hard time identifying her attackers. She was left bloodied, beaten and unconscious at the scene of the attack and had limited visibility during the beating. At this point all that is known is that she was attacked by three or four girls and they appeared to be older than the victim. One is believed to have been a Hispanic female around 5’10″ and 250 lbs. but aside from that not much more is known.