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National School Board Assoc. wants anti-white propaganda movie shown in all public schools

The movie 12 Years A Slave is a highly exaggerated account of a slave based on his autobiography. The movie is designed to vilify white people and inflame racial tension.

The movie claims to be true, but is full of outlandish made up scenes that demonize white people. At the beginning of a movie, a group of black slaves are on a ship. A white sailor stabs a slave to death for the fun of it. This never happened. The man who is shown being stabbed to death actually died of smallpox.

The National School Boards Association [NSBA] has teamed up with talk show host Montel Williams to place the movie in public schools all over America. The NSBA is a left-wing organization that is largely aimed at benefiting minority students, instead of benefiting all students as a whole.

The purpose of showing the movie is simple. NSBA has failed in it’s goals of improving the performance of black students. So the movie is part of an effort to blame the shortcomings of black students on white people.

All across America, white public school students are being racially bullied, attacked, and beaten for the color of their skin. This anti-white propaganda movie will only make things worse. Black students who already hate white people, will see the movie as a green light from their school to commit racially motivated violence.


The National School Boards Association will recommend that U.S. public high schools add Oscar-nominated feature “12 Years a Slave” to their curriculum.

The NSBA along with talkshow host Montel Williams have partnered with New Regency, Penguin Books and the filmmakers to distribute copies of the film, the eponymous book and study guide. The initiative is modeled on one Williams previously launched to distribute the Civil War film “Glory” to public high schools, an effort that ultimately led to “The Montel Williams Show.”

Steve McQueen’s historical drama is nominated for nine Academy Awards, including best picture.

“When Hollywood is at its best, the power of the movies can be harnessed into a powerful educational tool,” Williams said in a statement. “This film uniquely highlights a shameful period in American history, and in doing so will evoke in students a desire to not repeat the evils of the past while inspiring them to dream big of a better and brighter future.”