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NYC woman attacked at random in racial hate crime. Media censors.

stop_hate_crimeA 36 year old woman was attacked at random by a mob of thugs in New York City. The media is censoring the race of the victim and the perpetrators. They are calling it a “knockout game” attack, which is just a euphemism for black on white hate crime violence.

If the attack had been committing by whites, it would be a major story and their race would be listed in the headline. Since it is cenbsorsed, we know it is black on white.

From Gothamist…

The past few months have been All Silent on the Knockout Game Front, but the peaceful streak seems to have been broken this week, after a handful of youths assaulted a 36-year-old woman walking her dog in Vinegar Hill yesterday afternoon.

According to police, the victim was taking a walk near her Gold Street home around 12:30 p.m. when she was jumped by four teenagers, one of whom hit her in the face, with the other three attacking her from behind. All four fled into the Farragut Houses at 224 York Street.

The victim’s injuries did not require hospitalization, and no arrests have been made.

Adam Meshburg, who witnessed the assailants running away, said all four appeared to be between 12 and 17-years-old. “Nothing like this has ever happened over here,” he said. “It looked as though they were trying to ransack the lady—they didn’t take anything and had plenty of opportunity to.”

A spokesperson for the NYPD declined to characterize the attack as part of the “knockout game” trend, saying police have never labeled any of the previous assaults as such.

“Nothing was stolen—this was an assault, not a robbery,” he said.

Still, Meshburg insists that, based on what he witnessed, it was a “knockout game” assault, and suggests that residents across all neighborhoods exercise vigilance. As he wrote on a neighborhood listserv following the attack: “It is disgusting and scary that this could have been any one of us.”