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Obama regime subsidizes junk food, while media praises First Lady for promoting healthy eating

American soda and junk food is full of products derived from processing corn. Often corn products, such as high-fructose corn syrup, are the largest ingredient. Your tax dollars are used to subsidize the price of Coke, Pepsi, and multitudes of junk food products.

The Obama administration has pushed farm subsidies to a staggering $20 Billion. Corn gets the lion share. Much of that goes to making low cost, ultra-processed, unhealthy junk food. Much of the rest of the corn goes to make  ethanol used to dilute gasoline. This hoax “green energy” additive ruins your car engine faster and creates even more pollution that gasoline. A huge amount of energy, largely derived from coal, is required to process the corn into ethanol. The total pollution created making the ethanol and then burning it in your car exceeds to pollution created to drill for oil, refine it into gasoline, and burn it in your car.

The second largest crop subsidized by the Fed is cotton. Most of that cotton is sold to factories in Central America and South America. Many of the factories are owned by US corporations, but all the labor is done by foreigners. Cotton subsidies are using US taxpayer dollars to enrich the owners of Hanes, Jerzees, Anvil, ect. Only a tiny percent of the cotton is used by American workers. The two largest producers of cotton are America and Chine. American cotton subsidies are so high, that Chinese cotton costs more than American cotton.Even though Chinese farm workers make about $1 an hour.

From Washington Times…

Mrs. Obama is working with the Agriculture Department on a rule to limit marketing of “unhealthy” foods to schoolchildren. The federal government will be the arbiter of what’s healthy, not parents and teachers. Advertising at the football stadium would have to reflect the first lady’s dietary preferences. If Coca-Cola sponsors the scoreboard, it can advertise Diet Coke, but not the real thing. Deciding whether one is actually healthier than the other is as arbitrary as a pass-interference call.

The odor of paternalism leaks through in the White House statement: “Parents can rest assured that the hard work they are doing at home to keep their kids healthy will be reinforced when they are in child care.” If parents can’t or won’t police what kids eat and drink, the White House will do it for them.

The problem with the food choices Americans make has little to do with advertising or labeling. Part of the problem is the pattern of government subsidies. American taxpayers subsidize one of the most unhealthy ingredients in the American diet. An independent research group finds that the the government pays out nearly $20 billion annually to subsidize corn syrup, corn starch, high fructose corn syrup and soy oils. The American sugar industry prospers under government protection, for which it pays handsomely.

There’s abundant cronyism inherent in government-approved nutrition advice. The famous food pyramid suggesting that everyone eat mostly grains was based on findings of the “McGovern Report,” which claimed that meat and dairy products were causing heart disease. The late Sen. George McGovern, who represented the South Dakota of the “amber waves of grain,” was a champion of grain growers.

The more effective way for Mrs. Obama to discourage unhealthy diets would be to cut off the subsidies, saving tens of billions of dollars while respecting the good sense of Americans to decide what’s best for themselves and their families. Instead of government nutrition labels, a label should disclose how much taxpayer cash goes to each product. Congress could explain why so much taxpayer money goes for junk food, but there’s small appetite for that.