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Obama threatens to cut off last source of cheap ammo for US consumers

Cheap steel case 223 ammo from Russia. Thanks to Obama’s campaign to raise prices, this is the only AR-15 ammo many people can afford to buy.

For the past several years, the Obama regime has been placing orders for absurd amounts of ammo. Billions and billions of rounds. Even the National Weather Service placed a huge order for ammunition. This has doubled or even tripled the consumer price of most ammo.

The cheapest rifle ammo available is steel case ammo, and most of it comes from Russia. The ammo sells so fast it is already hard to get. It flies off of the shelves of Walmart, often within hours of a new shipment arriving. Gun owners have been using apps to monitor Walmart inventories to see when a new shipment of ammo has arrived.

Now Obama is threatening sanctions against Russia. The Russian government says that mutual sanctions will hurt the US more than Russia. This is certainly true for American gun owners who can’t afford brass ammo, because Obama has doubled the price.

Russian made steel case ammo. Obama has skyrocketed the cost of domestic ammo by placing government orders for billions of rounds. Now Obama is threatening sanctions that will halt the supply of the last cheap ammo available to private consumers.