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online casino blocking FireFox users to pressure CEO to resign for not supporting Gay Marriage

The popular dating website is blocking anyone with the FireFox browser from viewing their free website.

Instead you get a note calling for the resignation of FireFox CEO Brendan Eich, because he donated money to promote a public referendum that opposed homosexual marriage in California.

The radical left is engage in a boycott of FireFox because CEO Brendan Eich donated $1,000 to promote California Prop 8. The proposition defined marriage as a male and female couple and was passed by a majority of California.

The donation took place six years ago in 2008. provides FireFox users with links to download Google Chrome, Microsoft Explorer, and Safari.

The boycott of FireFox mimics the boycott of Chick-fil-a. That boycott, which was started by supporters of the SPLC, was launched because the CEO donated a small amount of money to the Family Research Council. The Chick-fil-a boycott became famous for causing a huge backlash. Chick-fil-a joints all over America set new sales records.

Alexa ranks as the 124th most popular website in America. About 13% of all internet users are using a FireFox browser.