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Rose McGowan: I witnessed a knockout game attack in LA

It is important to note for every random black on white hate crime attack we find in the media, probably dozens more go completely unreported.

Here is one that would have never been mentioned at all except a famous actress witnessed it. The race of the victim and perpetrator is still being censored. However, McGowan called it a “knockout game” attack. This is a euphemism for black on white hate crime violence.

Immediately after the Zimmerman verdict, the LA metro area say a wave of racially motivated black on white hate crime attacks. Young blacks were even organizing attacks on twitter. The media tried to hide everything.

From TMZ…

Rose McGowan says she personally witnessed a knockout game attack in L.A. yesterday … when a  masked “evil guy” punched an unsuspecting 65-year-old man and then took off.

McGowan described the incident on Twitter … saying she was walking around Venice, CA when things got violent.

“I just witnessed a 65 year old man get punched by an evil guy playing that goddamn knockout game. #criminal #heartbroken #whattheF?!”

Rose says the attacker was wearing a mask and riding a skateboard … and while she tried to chase after the bad guy, he was just too fast and got away.

McGowan said the victim was bleeding from the ear, so she called an ambulance for him.

Rose says the victim had a little dog with him at the time that tried to protect him, but couldn’t fend off the attacker.