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Arrest made in racial hate crime shooting spree in Omaha. Media silent.

A group of black males opened fire at Gallagher Park in Omaha, Nebraska hitting two white males. One of them died. The evidence so far points to a pre-meditated racially motivated hate crime. If the races were reversed, this would be a major national news story. CNN, MSNBC, and others would be camped out in Omaha. Instead it is quarantined to local coverage only.

Police say that the shooter, or shooters, may have been trying to join a gang. Black street gangs often tell prospects that they have to participate in hate crime violence against white people in order to join. Historically these have been mob attacks against white pedestrians, especially white college students. However, a growing number of white victims are being shot in these gang initiations. The violence used in these gang initiations are driven purely by racial hatred. This can be seen in the language used by the attackers and the lyrics in the music that the gang members listen too. Dozens of prominent “gangster rap” acts have explicit calls to attack or murder white people in their lyrics.

Tielor Williams, 18, and Joshua Schmitt, 22, were both shot as they sat in an SUV in the parking lot of Gallagher Park. Schmitt’s 16 year old cousin was also in the car, but was unhurt.

When they arrived at the park, no one was there. As they were pulling out, four cars arrived and blocked them. At that point, 8-10 black males exited the cars and surrounded the SUV. Schmitt heard numerous gunshots, was hit, and drove straight to the nearest hospital. Williams was pronounced dead on arrival.Schmitt believes that they were lured to the park so they could be shot. He said his 16 year old cousin had been feuding with someone on Facebook and agreed to meet the person at the park for a one on one fight. Schmitt and Williams went with him to make sure it didn’t get out of hand.

It is unknown if there was only one gunman or multiple gunman. One person has been arrested. Schmitt says he had never seen the suspect before the shooting.

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Prayer Vigil for hate crime murder victim Tielor Williams:
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