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Despite media support, anti-Amren protest is a total flop


Despite widespread support by left-wing websites and the “mainstream” media, this year’s effort to “shut down Amren” has yielded a far shorter and much smaller protest.

No one showed up to protest on Friday this year and they didn’t bother show up on Saturday until the early evening. When they finally arrived, they only had fourteen people. A far cry from the army they promised to deliver.

Last year’s protest debacle.

In 2013, a small group of college students claimed that they would march on the conference hotel with hundreds of left-wing protesters and shut down Amren. What happened was, about 25 people came from Kansas City, MO, Minneapolis, MN, and Philadelphia, PA only to find a handful of protesters who were actually from Tennessee. Law enforcement estimated that nearly half the protesters came together on a bus from Minnesota.

For two days, the protesters screamed and yelled at pedestrians, including small children, most of whom here not even there for the conference.

Saturday night, the carload from Kansas City, MO became violent in a rural honky tonk located down the road from the hotel. One of them threw a beer glass across the bar attempting to hit a girl who had attended the Amren conference. The thugs were unceremoniously rounded up and thrown out of the bar.

The two dozen or so Marxists who traveled long distances probably felt like they had been duped into driving so far and had no desire to drive all the way back for 2014.