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Grandmother among three family members arrested for 2013 racial hate crime murder in South Daytona

If the races were reversed, this would be another major national news story.

A 17 year old black male, along with his 19 year old cousin, and their fifty eight year old grandmother have all been arrested for killing a 67 year old white man inside an apartment building laundromat.

If the races were reversed, Florida media would be screaming “white thugs kill elderly black saint in racially motivated hate crime.” Instead the Florida media is calling it a “crime of opportunity” committed against someone who “was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The media’s characterization of the murder is absolutely insulting to the victim. They make it sound like he died in a traffic accident.

The two teenage thugs allegedly murdered 67 year old Donald Clark for the fun of it. He was undoubtedly targeted because he was white. Police say the grandmother of the two thugs helped them cover up the crime. Police say her nickname is “gansta granny.”

The two suspects and their “gansta granny.”