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Long Island school principal says black students are heroic for not attacking white students

Two students at a Catholic school in Long Island were initially expelled for the maximum ten days for bringing a Confederate flag to an after-school sporting event. Now principal Gary Cregan, who is a Catholic monk, has increased the penalty to expulsion. The extremely effeminate principal publicly told the media that the school’s black students showed “heroic restraint” for not attacking the two white students.

Another two female students were also  expelled for posting pictures of themselves on social media. Cregan alleges that the pictures constituted “blackface” and were racist.

So Cregan thinks that white students should be expelled for their beliefs and culture, but black people who can restrain themselves from committing racial hate crimes are “heroic.”

The school is 86% white and only 6% black. The website for the school also lists Cregan as the teacher for Western Civ 1 & 2. Just think what he is teaching the students in class!

The media is treating the expulsions as if the students have committed serious crimes. CBS New York is alleging that “tensions are high” at the High School. In reality, probably few students even care. Meanwhile, racially motivated black on white mob attacks are occurring all over the state of New York and the same media censor the attacks.

This sounds like a story from the Onion, but sadly it really happened. Get this story out! Share on Facebook, Twitter, and every other social media site. Post on every forum you use.