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Media explodes with anger as leading polling company puts UKIP at 38%

The British media has been running non-stop relentless attack pieces on UKIP. However, the party only continues to poll higher and higher. A leading polling company just issued new data placing UKIP at 38%. The media has exploded with anger.

The media is literally scouring the Facebook and twitter pages of known UKIP members and donors for anything they can claim is “racist.” Minutes ago, Channel four just released the headline “Meet the UKIP donor who says gay people are incapable of love.”

The poll was conducted by COMRES / ITV

European Voting Intention (all certain to vote):

UKIP: 38% (+8)

Labour: 27% (-3)

Conservatives (Tory): 18% (-4)

Liberal Democrats: 8% (NC)

With 38% of the British vote, they will not only have the largest share of British seats, they will be one of the biggest political parties in the EU. Presently both UKIP and the Tories lead their own Euroskeptic group in the EU Parliament. Some of UKIPs current allies will most likely join a new group planned by the Front National of France and Dutch Party of Freedom.

This webmaster has previously predicted that UKIP will still be able to maintain a group, because current members of the Tory lead group will defect to UKIP’s group. This now seems even more likely than ever. In fact, the Tories will probably not be able to maintain a group at all. The Tory party will simply have to re-join the center-right EPP. This is back where they belong anyway. This webmaster recently attended a speech by a Tory MEP. He indicated that his party didn’t really want to leave the EU, they just want to threaten to leave so they can get better terms.

The present group led by UKIP is called the Freedom and Democracy Group. It is 35 members from 13 parties and 12 countries. The two largest parties in the group are UKIP with ten MEPs and the Italian Secessionist Party Lega Nord with eight MEPs. Lega Nord and some of the other parties are expected to join the planned Wilders/Le Pen group.

The Tory party runs a group called European Conservatives and Reformists. It has 57 members from 16 parties and 11 countries. The largest parties are the Tories with twenty-six members, the Civic Democratic Party of the Czech Republic with nine, and the Polish Law and Justice party with six. Many of the parties involved are actually far more conservative than the Tory party which leads it. The whole reason for the Tory party forming this group is the wanted to be top dog. They were tired of playing second fiddle to the Christian Democrats from Germany in the EPP.

There are also a few right-wing parties still in the EPP, such as the Hungarian Fidesz party, that could join UKIPs group as well. Fidesz currently holds 13 seats and is expected to maintain them.