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Near fatal black on white hate crime mob attack in white neighborhood in sw Minneapolis

The MU campus area has become ground zero for black on white hate crimes. The media was covering it up, however this website blew the lid off of the deceit. We analyzed crime alerts from the MU campus police. We found that every single crime committed since the beginning of fall semester, in which the race of the perp is known, the perp was black. Many of the crimes were random hate crime mob attacks against white students. Immediately after this website exposed the media cover-up, a group of black students and faculty issued demands for campus police to cease publishing the race of crime perpetrators!

It seems that white people are even being attacked by black mobs in the majority white southwestern side of Minneapolis as well.

One white man was selected at random to be beaten, stomped, and stabbed. He nearly died. Three black teenagers, aged 13-18, have been arrested. The attacked occurred in a census block that is only 3% black.