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New Bern, NC mayor skips memorial for fallen cop to attend funeral for cop killer

Alderman Kinsey

Alderman White

Mayor Outlaw

Alexander Thalmann is a white police officer that was murdered by career criminal Bryan Stallings, a black male. Stallings also wounded a second police officer before being shot and killed himself.

Mayor Dana Outlaw and Aldermen Kinsey and White actually skipped the memorial for Thalmann so they could attend the funeral of the cop killer.

The decision to attend the funeral for the cop killer appears to be motivated by race. Mayor Outlaw got elected by pandering to black voters. It seems he is willing to pander to the absolute lowest common denominator.

Alderman White is a member of a laundry list of pro-black organizations, including the NAACP, which routinely defends black criminals.

New Bern is a town of only 30k, and about a thousand people showed up for the memorial.

Mayor Outlaw’s office contact is 252-514-7401,  [email protected]

Mayor Outlaw skipped the memorial for the murdered cop, to attend the funeral of his killer.