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NOT SATIRE! United Nations unveils talking poop mascot.

UNICEF’s “Poo2Loo” campaign is aimed at people who have cellphones and internet access but still defecate in public places.

The United Nations has a new campaign to fight public defecation in India. It is a UNICEF project in India. The mascot is a talking pile of feces. Sadly, this is not satire.

The United Nations has produced a multi-language song and video condemning public defecation. It is called “Take The Poo Too The Loo” or “Poo2Loo” for short.

The United States Federal government gives the UN $600 million per year for general costs and gives UNICEF another $125 million per year on top of that. When the US government takes your hard-earned money and gives it to the UN, this is what it is paying for. A talking pile of human excrement.

Don’t believe us? It has now been confirmed by CNN.

From CNN…

India has an unlikely new public health hero: a giant, anthropomorphic stool that chases people to squat in toilets.

Mr Poo, who appears in commercials accompanied by a groovy techno anthem, is the face of the latest public health campaign by United Nations Children’s Fund in the country. With a bold and quirky approach unlike any previous awareness drives, the‘Poo2Loo’¬†campaign seeks to bring people’s attention to the health hazards associated with public defecation — a deep-rooted social norm in the country’s rural and urban slums

According to UNICEF, India has the highest number of people in the world — an estimated 620 million — who defecate in the open, creating a major public health hazard by leaving an estimated 65 million kilograms of waste each day. Only half of the population uses toilets.

With an animated video, a catchy song with ‘toilet sounds’, and even a smartphone application, the digitally-led campaign is targeted at the country’s youth.

Below: Multi-language music video made by the United Nations. This is not satire.