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NV State Representative joins ranch protest, BLM backing down

Federal agents erected fenced off areas for protesters. When protesters demanded to see what the BLM was using dump trucks and backhoes for, BLM agents turned violent. Peaceful proesters were tased, body slammed, bitten by dogs, and trampled on.

The BLM is seizing 300 cattle from a family owned ranched under the guise of protecting an endangered tortoise. The BLM euthanized over 800 of the same tortoises itself last year. The governor of Nevada has defended the ranch and says they have a legal right to graze their cattle on the land.

The BLM has brought dump trucks and backhoes to the ranch to potentially kill and bury the cattle.

Presently 85% of the entire state of Nevada is under Federal government. The people of Nevada are being denied the right to graze cattle, drill wells, or mine for raw materials unless Federal agencies grant them permission.

The ranch in question has been owned by the same family since the 1870s. The property is potentially valuable real estate because of underground water sources, potential for valuable minerals, and proximity to major roads and existing pipelines. Critics say the Federal government is in the middle of a massive land grab to place natural resources under Federal control.

The BLM controls much of the American west. This land contains untold trillions in gold, uranium, rare earth magnets, oil, natural gas, underground fresh water, and more. By keeping the land under Federal government, the Federal government use mining rights as a reward for political allies and punish political enemies.