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Obama’s war in Libya has brought “biblical exodus” of illegal aliens to Europe’s door

Watch this video. 500 young sub-Saharan males smash pour over a giant border fence and rampage through the Spanish territory of Melilla in North Africa. From Melilla, they hope to cross the straights of Gibraltar and enter Europe. It is estimated that over 100,000 Africans are trying to illegal enter Europe right now. It is being called a “biblical exodus” and is directly related to the toppling of Qaddafi. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are directly involved in creating this situation.

Qaddafi was aggressively blocking illegal aliens from sub-Saharan Africa. He was also repatriating illegal back to Africa. In exchange, the government of Italy was building interstates in Libya.

When Barack Obama became bombing Libya and arming Al-Qaeda backed Jihadists, Qaddafi said “if I go down, Europe goes black.”

Now, without Qaddafi fighting to stop of the flow of illegals, the greatest tidal wave of illegal aliens of all time is at Europe’s door.¬†Obama’s actions in Egypt and Syria have also crippled border enforcement in other places, sending illegal aliens streaming into Israel, Bulgaria, and Greece.

Libya is still stopping some illegal immigrants, but it is a tiny fraction of the enforcement saw under Qaddafi.