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Poll: What do you think of the new Southern Activist Flag?

The “Southern Nationalist” or “Southern Activist” flag is a black St. Andrews’ Cross on a white background. The intended use is for advocates of Southern Heritage and self-determination for the American South.

A limited quantity of the flags are now available for sale to the public from Patriotic Flags.

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St. Andrew’s Cross is used in the flags of Scotland, the United Kingdom, the Russian Navy, and Jamaica. It is also part of the most widely used “unofficial” flag of Northern Ireland. It was formerly used in the national flag of Ireland. It was used in the Spanish Empire flag and the former Spanish Naval Ensign after that. It is used in the Basque flag and the former flag of Galicia (parts of Spain). It is used in the state flags of Florida and Alabama. It is also used in numerous county and city flags in Europe and the Western Hemisphere.

Perhaps most significant, it was used in the Confederate Battle Flag.

Video about the flag. The flag shown in the video is a homemade prototype.