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Premeditated racial hate crime murder yields manslaughter wrist slap charge in Newark, DE

Michael Leger

Seventeen months ago, 32 year old Michael Leger was beaten to death in a trailer park after he asked a black motorist to turn on his headlights.

The black motorist yelled threats at Leger and Leger called 911. Minutes later he returned with an accomplice. They beat and stabbed Parker to death.

If the races had been reversed this would have been a national news story. Instead it was a hush crime. There is a history of black males killing white people for asking them to use their headlights.

Back in the 90s many city police departments began warning white people not to approach or make any gesture to a black male with his headlights off after dark. In several cities this was used as gang initiations. Black males would drive around with their headlights off at night. They would wait for a white person to say something to them, make a gesture, or flash their high beams. Then they would try to murder that white person.

Despite the premeditated nature of this murder, authorities did not even charge the suspect with murder. He has only been charged with manslaughter. He will be out of prison in no time, free to kill again.

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