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53% of all blacks in Michigan live in a city that has been taken over by the state

Much of the city of Detroit is a ruin. Entire neighborhoods are being bulldozed.

Why the hell is no one talking about this?

Twelve cities in Michigan have been seized by the state due to corruption and mismanagement. An emergency manager, appointed by the governor is the highest authority in these states, superseding the elected mayor.

The following cities are being run by emergency managers appointed by the state:

The first number is the total population, the second number is the total population of blacks)

Allen Park (28,210, 564)
Benton Harbor (10,038, 8934)
Detroit (713,777, 592,435)
Ecorse  (9,512, 4,471)
Flint (124,943, 67,469)
Hamtramck (8,033, 1,205)
Highland Park (11,776, 11,069)
Inkster (25,369, 18,519)
Lincoln Park (14,924, 895)
Pontiac (59,515, 30,948)
River Rouge (7,903, 4,031)
Royal Oak Township (2,419, 2,322)

Total: (1,016,419, 743,757)

Kevyn Orr is the state appointed emergency manager of Detroit. The state feared that their would be race riots if they appointed a white man for the job.

Of all the people living in cities taken over by the state government, 73% are black. There is also a large percentage of Latinos, and a significant chunk of Arabs.

53% of all black people in Michigan live in a city where the highest authority is an emergency manager appointed by the Governor.

Lansing, where blacks and Latinos combined are nearing 50% of the population, is considered to be in the danger zone as well.

The following school districts are also under the emergency management of the state due to low performance:

Benton Harbor Area
Detroit Public Schools
Highland Park School District
Muskegon School District
Pontiac Public District