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91 year old veteran anti-Apartheid leader was fatally wounded solely because of his skin color

Marcus Jean is currently on trial for killing Wrobel in a racially motivated hate crime.

A trial is underway for an elderly long-time anti-Apartheid leader who died as a result of injuries received in an attack on 2012. The trial has revealed that the anti-Apartheid activist was attacked solely because of the color of his skin.

Murray Wrobel worked for British intelligence as a linguist during WWII. He interrogated high level German officers when they were captured.

After WWII, he came to South Africa and co-founded a British solidarity organization aimed at toppling Apartheid.

Then in 2012, at the age of 91, he was mortally wounded in a racially motivate attack.

We went to a local store in a mobility scooter. He encountered Marcus Jean who began shouting racial slurs and profanity at the man. Jean told Wrobel “You and your kind should have been dead a long time ago.”

Then he attacked Wrobel, breaking his hip. Wrobel’s health rapidly deteriorated due to the injury and he died shortly after.

From UK Telegraph...

David Harounhoff, prosecuting, said Mr Wrobel had just parked his mobility scooter at the store on May 26, 2012, when he spotted the defendant’s bicycle parked near the trolleys.

The barrister told the court Mr Wrobel informed Jean it was not a good place to park, before the defendant launched “a torrent of really quite foul language” and abuse.

Murray Wrobel takes a captured German general on a tour of the pyramids.

“Matters then escalated and Mr Wrobel states that this defendant used both of his hands to push him – push him – and Mr Wrobel fell over,” Mr Harounhoff said.

“Over the next few months his health began to deteriorate and sadly on March 16 last year he passed away from a stroke.”

In a statement written four days after the incident, Mr Wrobel said: “I was previously in the army and even then I never heard the like of it.

“I remember one phrase he said was: ‘You and your kind should have been dead a long time ago’.”

“I think that my lack of reaction to his abuse annoyed him even more.

“At this point I remember he used both his hands to push me full in the chest, I must have stumbled a few feet and then fallen over backwards.”

Mr Harounhoff said a witness, Christian Lacey-Brennan, saw the scene unfold from about ten feet away.

“He saw a younger man remonstrating and pointing to the elderly man’s face,” he said.

“He describes the younger man with one hand pushing the younger man in the centre of his chest, as a result of which the defendant fell backwards.

“The defendant then passes by the witness, and he says to Mr Lacey-Brennan that the elderly man is a ‘racist b*****d, he is a racist old man’ and the witness saw the defendant running away.


Calling for the murder of white people is common in South Africa.