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America doesn’t buy the “racism” explanation for why black are more likely to drown

Meet the #1 top international swimming champion in the entire continent of Africa. “Zimbabwean” Kirsty Coventry.

This was the headline ran by CBS Atlanta:

Study: Young Black Children Drown At Far Higher Rates

And this was the “scientific” explanation given by CBS Atlanta:

Cultural Differences

The CBS Atlanta article has over 1,200 comments and that number is rapidly growing. Most of the comments are ridiculing the ¬†“cultural differences” explanation. “Cultural differences” refers to Marxist political theory on why two separate groups don’t have equal abilities. The term is, by nature, anti-scientific and usually used to blame a shortcoming of one group on another group.

It is rather refreshing to see that American’s don’t actually buy this anti-scientific explanation.

It is considered acceptable, even applauded, to say that blacks are better at basketball, sprinting, and boxing. It is immediately denounced as “racist” to see that whites are better at swimming.

Click here to see article and the overwhelming rejection of said article by online readers.

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