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Anarcho-Marxist conference explodes into chaos. Half of attendees start protesting the other half.

Update: Apparently this is the second year in a row that a huge ugly scene erupted at this conference. Members of something called “Deep Green Resistance” were already banned from coming because they disrupted last year’s event. Organizers denounced the group as “Transphobic.” There was also a whole second controversy going on. People were angry that the conference was the same weekend as the “Queer People of Color Conference” at the same college. What is a radical left-wing “Anarchist” to do?

Left-wing “Anarchists” finally find a conference they can successfully “shut down.” Their own conference!

Portland is chock full of these spoiled brat rich kids who think it is cool to call themselves “communist.” This weekend they scheduled a conference a the student center at Portland State University.

They call themselves “Anarchists” and “Anarcho-Marxists.” They are to dumb to figure out that Anarchy and Marxist are on polar opposite sides of the political spectrum.

Some of the people at this conference are using the new term “Anarcho-Syndicalist,” as a substitute for “Anarcho-Maxist.” This is a new term invented because of the obvious criticism of the nonsensical “Anarcho-Marxist.” Ask any ten of them what “Anarcho-Syndicalist” means and you will get ten different answers.

These groups typical use the Red/Black black which is taken from the paramilitary wing of the German Communist Party in the early 19th century. However, the flyer for this event instead shows a flag with a black power fist being held by a drawing of a racially ambiguous person. Ironically, these events are usually 95%+ white, but attendees like to portray themselves as champions of non-whites.

These groups are always claiming they are going to “shut down” everyone else’s events. In fact, the often argue that it should be legal to violently shut down a public gathering and police should not be able to interfere. What is worse is these violent left-wing groups are often supported by the so-called “mainstream” left.

When members of the “Anarcho-Marxist” gang ARA attacked a restaurant in Chicago, beating up random people with clubs, the SPLC portrayed the group in a positive light. A headline article in the magazine profiled the group, admitted they engaged in violence, but described the group in a bold faced sub-headline as “A Force For Good.”

In this case, the rich kids turned Marxist revolutionaries shut down their own conference. They begin doing a bizarre Children of the Corn routine when someone named Kristian Williams is about to speak. Eventually the panelists leave the building and call campus police to disburse the crowd.

Kristian Williams was supposed to give a speech on how to identity “informers, infiltrators, and provocateurs.”