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ANC mob horrifically beats woman on election day for being a COPE supporter

May 7th was election day in South Africa. One woman was brutally beaten by a mob.  A journalist for the Star posted the video online. The journalist say the victim is afraid to come forward, fearing she would be killed. The woman says she was attacked by ANC supporters for being a COPE supporter. The COPE, or Congress of the People, was started by former ANC leaders as a rival party.

Some of the attackers are wearing ANC t-shirts. Others are seen videotaping the assault with cell phones as well. One of the perpetrators is wearing the uniform of a school girl.

At the end of the video a man beats the woman’s limp body, including her face, with the back side of an axe.

The ANC is famous for “necklacing” victims in the 80s and 90s. Victims would have gasoline soaked tire placed around them and set on fire. Winnie Mandela publicly endorsed the practice.

The ANC came in first place in the May 7th election, receiving 62% of the vote. COPE received less than 1%. The new ANC splinter group EFF received 6%. This is party is run by Julius Malema, who says the ANC has gone soft on the white man. He calls for total confiscation of white owned assets in South Africa. The Democratic Alliance received 22% and is led by a Jewish woman that is a veteran anti-Apartheid leader.

Warning – Video is very disturbing.