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Arrest made in execution style murder in Indianapolis

Last month, a white male was tied up and killed execution style in an alley in Indianapolis. He is one of several white people murdered in racial hate crime style violence in the city in the past year. Police just arrested a black male for the killing.

If the races had been reversed, this murder would be a national news story. Instead it is a “hush crime” and the media calls it “a robbery.” The killer gained little from the murder. Racial hatred and desire to kill someone was undoubtedly the primary motives.

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Recent black on white racial hate crime violence in Indiana. In all of these attacks, if¬†anything¬†was taken, it was of a trivial value. However, the media will always downplays black on white racially motivated hate crimes as “robberies.”

Indianapolis, Indiana:

16 year old black male laughs as he walks into court for murder of random white man. April, 2014

Two black teens attack four different white people at random. One dies. July, 2013.

Two black males kill a white male and seven year old white girl execution style. April, 2013.

White female brutally beaten at random by a black male. January, 2013.

Two black teens pick a random white male and shoot him seven times. May, 2012.

South Bend, Indiana:

White baby shot to death by a group of black males. april, 2014