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Black males killed random Latino man in racial hate crime…

ne of two suspects charged with murder was in court for a preliminary hearing Wednesday, where investigators revealed what they say was the motive for the killing.

Everardo Campos, 23, was standing outside his home on Dixie Circle off White Horse Road on a Nov. 8, 2013, when he was shot and killed after he and his family returned from the grocery store.

Conrad Allen, 17, and Dameion Robinson, 18, are facing multiple charges, including murder, in the death of the young father.

Robinson appeared in court Wednesday for a preliminary hearing.

Investigators say Robinson and Allen were walking down the road when they saw Campos drive by, and decided to commit a robbery.

Investigator I. Newman said, “(Robinson) stated that when they were coming down the roadway, they had apparently been bored and wanted to do something. And so they said that they wanted to do a ‘lick.’ Once they saw the vehicle go by and pull into the neighborhood, they discussed doing the lick and the lick was the robbery.”