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Black males open fire on group of white pedestrians in racial hate crime. One dead.

A group of young whites were leaving a hospital in Orlando, Florida. That is when a car with two black males and a black female driver yelled at them and then opened fire. The car was apparently lurking in the area, searching for a group of victims. This was a textbook hate crime, and their is no doubt that the victims were targeted because of their skin color.

Often black gang members use racially motivated violence against whites as gang initiations. In the 80s and 90s this usually meant mob attacks against random white pedestrians. More and more it involves shootings and murders. Gangster rap music, sold at major record stores, even encourages the indiscriminate murder of white people.

If the races had been reversed, this would be the biggest story in the USA right now. Instead it is a “hush crime.” Local media refuses to even mention the killers are black and claims the motive is a mystery. WFTV Channel TV actual reported that the victim was killed “because he wasn’t on a sidewalk.”

If the races had been reversed, the same media outlets would be screaming “hate crime” and list the race of the perps and victims in the headlines.

We all know exactly why this story is being censored and downplayed. The “mainstrean” media is not going to warn the public about the nationwide epidemic of racially motivated motive black on white violent crime. It is up to you. Share this post on Facebook and every other social media site that you use.

In this video below, the anchorwoman even asks the reporter about the description of the perps. Even though they are identified as being black in the police report, they reporter pretends that there is no description. It also appears that one of the victims gave a description during the media interview, but this part was heavily. Many media outlets now openly admit to censoring black crime. You can call their news room and they will confess that they censors the race of black perpetrators.

This webmaster has personally spoken to a reporter for the Orlando Sentinel who informed me that he is ordered to omit the description of black crime perps from stories.