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Black racial animosity against white people is plastered on grocery store magazines

It would be unthinkable for a grocery store to carry a magazine dedicated solely to white people. However, dozens of major black themed magazines populate grocery store racks. Often times, evidence of widespread animosity towards white people explodes across the covers of these magazines.

This is the Winter Issue of Vibe. The entire front cover is intended to mock and ridicule white people. It shows black actor Kevin Hart sitting in between the legs of a white female and smiling. At the top it says “America’s Fear Of A Black Planet.” Across the bottom it says “Kevin Hart Has White Power.” There are five other small headlines. Four are about race. One is an article praising Al Sharpton. Another is an article beating the twice dead horse of the Ku Klux Klan. The inside of the magazine contained more pictures of Kevin Hart sitting on an American flag and being straddled by a white female.

A look at VIBE’s website shows a media outlet completely obsessed with race and denouncing various white celebrities as “racists.” Spike Lee and Jay-Z, black men who have publicly espoused racial hatred of white people in the just the past year, are treated as idols.