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Caught on Video: Elderly man killed in unprovoked racial hate crime in NYC

Update: It just hit the NYC media that a suspect was arrested. Naturally most NYC outlets are censoring the race of the suspect and not showing his picture.

An elderly Asian man was walking down the street in NYC when a black male fatally assaults him for the fun of it. They he casually walks away like nothing happened. The attack was captured on surveillance camera.


Ruan Wen Hui was walking along East 6th Street between Avenues C and D when someone walked right up to him and started screaming and shoving him against the wall.Hui, who was just a block from his home, fell to the ground. The attacker then punched and kicked Hui.Hui died at Bellevue Hospital on Saturday.In surveillance video, the attacker is seen wearing a patterned collared shirt with short sleeves, dark pants and dark sneakers with white soles. Police say the suspect is black but they did not have an estimated height or weight.