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CNN host says that Sterling and Bundy are worst racists than those who actually promote racial hatred

CNN host Don Lemon claims that white people who are unaware they are racist are even worst racists than white people who are consciously racist.

CNN host Don Lemon has declared that large numbers of white people are unaware that they are “racists.” He says that these people are actually “the worst kind” of racists. Lemon explicitly claimed that Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling are examples of this “worst kind” of racist. So, for example, Sterling and Bundy are worst racists than members of the Ku Klux Klan.

This diatribe was made on a pro-black radio talk show. You can listen to his diatribe below:

Click here to listen to Don Lemon’s rant on a pro-black radio talk show.

Don Lemon is a professional race hustler. He has a lucrative career calling white people “racist.” So to have job security he must invent new ways that a white person can be “racist.”

Lemon is host of the prime time weekend edition of CNN’s Newsroom.

Here is part of what Don Lemon has to say…

Two people, who are recently accused of disparaging black people, some of it caught on video and audiotape; yet they deny they are racist.

It’s all too warped and twisted and really defies any explanation beyond bigotry and racism.

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere said on CNN that, “I’m not surprised by any of this. We have people who have very racist views but who don’t consider themselves to be racist. They think the things that they say about certain people and their thought patterns are based in some sort of reality. They’re based on stereotypes of course.”

The stereotype is that people other than those who look like you are not considered worthy or good enough to be seen with you in public. I’ve said for years now that the new racism is the denial of racism. In the past few weeks after hearing from Bundy and Sterling, I have changed my mind.

The new racism is being unaware that you are racist. And that is the worst kind of anything; to be woefully ignorant. Because in the latest two cases ignorance truly is not bliss.

It is downright dangerous.