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Confirmed: Channel 6 Orlando edited interview with victim to remove “black males”

Most local media outlets are hiding the fact that the perpetrators are black.

We see case after case after case of media outlets censoring black crime, especially racially motivated black on white crime.

As we reported earlier, Channel 6 Orlando (WKMG) censored the race of black suspects who committed a racially motivated spree shooting. However, they went even further. They expanded their censorship into fraud. They actually claim in the video segment that no description exists. They even claim that there is no description in the police report. This is a lie.

We also said that it appears they edited an interview with one of the victims to remove a description of the perps. We have now confirmed that this true.

Another media outlet, WFTV Channel 9 quotes from the same interview but includes the phrase “the black males” when describing the two shooters.

Channel 6 Orland had two sources that the perps were black. Their own interview footage with one of the victims, and the police report. They edited the words “black male” out of the interview and claim no description exits, not even in the police report!

Two black male shooters and a black female driver lurked outside of a hospital waiting for a group of white to walk by. Then they screamed insults and opened fire, killing on victim. This was a textbook racially motivated hate crime. They may have wanted to join a gang and thought killing a white person would get them in. Or they just thought it would be really fun to kill a white person in general.

Contact Channel 6 Orlando and demand that they tell the real story! We want real news, not censorship and lies!
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