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Detroit school teacher fired by state government because her students are so violent

When two students began beating each other in a Detroit classroom, the teacher used a flimsy plastic broomstick to try to break them up.

As you can see in the video, the students were completely unfazed by the broom.

However, Michigan’s Education Achievement Authority [EAA] is ordering that the teacher be fired. The EAA was created by the Michigan Department of Education in 2011 to administrate schools that have been seized by the state.

The EAA began running fifteen Detroit High Schools in 2012.

Over 53% of all blacks in Detroit live in a city where corruption is so bad the state of Michigan has seize emergency control of the city.

The following cities are being run by emergency managers appointed by the state:

Allen Park
Benton Harbor
Highland Park
Lincoln Park
River Rouge
Royal Oak Township

The following school districts are under the emergency management of the state due to low performance:

Benton Harbor Area
Detroit Public Schools
Highland Park School District
Muskegon School District
Pontiac Public District