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European right-wing comes of age. Huge successes in EU elections

Germany (96 seats): Germany has never had a member of a right-wing party election the the EU. However, the German Supreme Court nullified the minimum vote threshold. This meant that small parties could elect an MEP with as little as .9%.

Consequently, Alternative For Germany [AfD] got seven seats. The militant far-right NPD got a seat.

France (74 seats): The Front National [FN] came in first place taking 24 seats. This is one of several major shock-waves.

UK (73 seats): UKIP came in first place taking 24 seats. Another huge shockwave.

Italy (73 seats): The new “big tent Euroskeptic” party Five Star Movement [M5S] got 17 seats. The right-wing Northern Italian secessionist party Lega Nord [LN] got 5 seats.

Spain (54 seats): Spain does not appear to have any right-wing parties that gained seats.

Poland (51 seats): The brand new Congress of the New Right [KNP] got 4 seats. They are a libertarian leaning conservative/Eurosceptic party. Law and Justice [PiS] got 15 seats. They are a “soft Euroskeptic” conservative party. They were previous part of a group led by the UK Tory party. However, they are a potential ally for UKIP.

Romania (32 seats): The right-wing in Romania appears to have collapsed.

Netherlands (26 seats): Gert Wilders Party for Freedom (PVV) got 4 seats.

Belgium (21 seats): The right-wing Flemish secessionist party Vlaams Belang got 1 seat. They rival New Flemish Alliance [NV-A], which is less conservative took much of their support and got 4 seats. NV-A was previously allied with the Tories, but could join the UKIP group.

Czech Republic (21 seats): Civic Democrats [ODS] got 2 seats. They are a former member of the Tory alliance, but are likely to join UKIPs alliance.

Greece (21 seats): The Far-Right Golden Dawn [XA] got 3 seats. The right-wing/Euroskeptic Independent Greeks [ANEL] got 1 seat. This is another potential ally for UKIP.

Hungary (21 seats): The far-right Jobbik party got 3 seats. Two other conservative parties got a total of 12 seats. Both of these are members of the EFF, but are probably both more to the right than typical EFF members.

Portugal (21 seats): No right-wing parties.

Sweden (20 seats): The Swedish Democrats [SD] got two seats on an anti-immigration platform.

Austria (18 seats): The right-wing Austrian Freedom Party [FPO] got 4 seats.

Bulgaria (17 seats): The Bulgarian right-wing appears to have collapsed.

Finland (13 seats): The True Finns [PS] got 2 seats. They are members of the UKIP alliance.

Denmark (12 seats): The Danish People’s Party [DF] got 4 seats. They are part of the UKIP alliance.

Other smaller nations:

Latvian National Alliance [NA] 1 seat. Croatian Party of Rights [HSP-AS] got one seat. The Lithuanian Order and Justice Party [TT] got 2 seats.

Wild Card Far-Right Parties:

NPD (1), Jobbik (3) , Golden Dawn (3)

Other wild cards:


Europe of Freedom And Democracy Group (Run by UKIP)

UKIP(24), AfD(7), KNP(4), DF[4], PS(2)

Right-Wing Alliance (Wilders/Le Pen)

FN(24), PVV(4), FPO(4), VB(1), LN(5)

Potential members of either group

SD(2), NA(1), TT(2)

Potential members of either UKIP’s group or a “soft Euroskeptic” grouping with the Tories

PiS(15), NV-A(4), ANEL (1), HSP-AS(1)

EFF and the Tories

Members of the centrist/center-right/Christian Democrat grouping [EFF] got a total of 208 seats. The Tories have another 19. The broke away to form a rival group last time. They lost 6 seats and many of their former partners will probably join UKIPs group instead. They may return to the EFF. Most of their allies were much more conservative and will probably join UKIPs group. Only the centrist Christian Union of the Netherlands with one seat seems likely to join the EFF.

There are also several new parties that are center-right and/or libertarian. Some of these are “soft Euroskeptic.” It remains to be seen in they join the EFF or if they will partner with the Tories for another “soft Euroskeptic” group.