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Greek Supreme Court orders election officials to put Golden Dawn on the ballot

Golden Dawn supporters give the symbol for Victory.

The establishment Greek political parties are trying to keep the political party Golden Dawn from participating in the EU elections later this month.

However, the Supreme Court of Greece has ordered election officials to place their candidates on the ballot.

Last week the establishment parties were blindsided when two retired Lt. Generals announced they were seeking election as Golden Dawn candidates.

The establishment political parties are still pursuing criminal charges against all eighteen of the Golden Dawn members of the Greek Parliament. Six of them are being held in jail. The establishment parties are claiming the 18 men are guilty of leading a criminal organization. This claim is based largely on the murder of a gangster rapper by man who happened to have Golden Dawn campaign material in his house.

The establishment political parties also voted to withhold Golden Dawn’s share of public funding for their EU campaign. A move that violates the most basic principals of Greek style democracy.

Any Greek party receiving at least 5% of the national vote will get a share of the 21 Greek seats. Nationwide Golden Dawn is polling at 10%. Golden Dawn is a leading political party is cities, like Athens, which have been ravaged by illegal immigration.

The EU election takes place between May 22nd and May 25th. This website will be monitoring developments and posting election results. The first two countries to vote are the UK and the Netherlands. on May 22nd. Both countries are expecting run-away successes by right-wing Euroskeptic parties. This could set the tone for the entire election.