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Hungary convicts 92 year old former Communist Party leader of war crimes

Bela Biszku at left.

The conservative coalition government of Hungary enacted a law in 2011 paving the way for the prosecution of former communist leaders for war crimes.

Bela Biszku, 92, is the first to be prosecuted and convicted.

Bela Biszku is a Hungarian born Jewish man. He was Interior Minister for the communist government from 1957-1961, deputy Prime Minister from 1961-1962, and Secretary of the Central Committee from 1962-1978.

He 1956 he ordered tanks to open fire on unarmed anti-communist protesters killing 49 people.

On May 13th he was convicted of of war crimes. He was also convicted of “denying crimes committed by the former Communist regime.” He was sentenced to five years and a half years in prison.

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