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Information on the three Myrtle Beach fatalities has already posted pictures, criminal records, and the gang affiliation of the three fatalities from Myrtle Beach Black Bike Week.

At last count, there were five shootings leaving three dead and five more injured. The three fatalities were all killed at the same time.

The “mainstream” media is censoring the fact that the event was for black people. CNN is even engaged in what we call “stage 2 censorship.” They are using a fake neutral sounding speudo-name for the event. “Atlantic Beach Bike Week.” The organizers have called it “Black Bike Week” since the 90s. The NAACP calls it “Black Bike Week.” The attendees all call it “Black Bike Week.” CNN is committing fraud.


And to think, those Myrtle Beach folks tried every trick in the book to get rid of the Harley folks, but they were too politically correct to try and shut down this madness. Heck, they even sued businesses who chose to shut down and take vacation rather than deal with this. Because, you know, it’s racist to want to keep your business and your employees safe.

As it turns out all three of the deceased are from the Summerville/Lincolnville area and the two males have ties to the gangs known as Town of Lincolnville and Summatown Bound. One of those killed was a female.

As we gathered information throughout the day, the official story changed several times. As of the time this article was published the story is that three were killed at the motel and two were wounded and are in “bad condition”.

The female has been identified as Sandy Gaddis (or Geddis) Barnwell. The two males Dead Right There have been identified as Jamie Williams, aka “Jam Williams” and Devonte Dantzler, aka “Mark Bell” on Thugbook.

This photo was posted on Instagram and is now all over the web. The regular media won’t show it to you because it wouldn’t be right to show gangbanging thugs what their future looks like.

A reader tipped us that Devonte Dantzler was previously featured on an episode of “Beyond Scared Straight“. Here is the update from that episode.

One of the fatalities was once featured on the reality tv show “Beyond Scared Straight”